Do This, Not That! Tips for Engaging Brand Stories

Do This, Not That! Tips for Engaging Brand Stories

As simple as storytelling may seem, the delivery often leads brands astray, muddling messages, and missing the mark. The secret isn’t in what you’re trying to say but in how you say it. Master the ‘Do This, Not That’ of brand storytelling and mix creativity with clarity, so your message is heard and remembered.

Do This: Dive Deep Into Your Audience’s World

Not That: Making Assumptions About Your Audience

Genuinely understanding your audience will require more than a surface-level analysis. It starts with empathy and a willingness to see the world through their eyes and then is defined with comprehensive research and analytics to gather insights into their preferences, challenges, and behaviors. 

Directing your engagement through your website, social media, email, newsletters, and surveys, as well as customer feedback and reviews, offers unfiltered understanding of their needs. Try A/B testing to refine your marketing messages, so your brand’s narrative flows with what is actually resonating. By blending data analysis with direct dialogue, you can build your brand and its story to match your audience’s values and aspirations.

Do This: Show Real Impact

Not That: Settling for Surface-Level

“Show, don’t tell” is a principle as old as storytelling itself. The best thing you can do for your brand in today’s market is to prove it. Prioritize sharing concrete outcomes and relatable real-world transformations. Use customer testimonials, success stories, before-and-after scenarios, and compelling visuals to illustrate your brand’s impact on actual lives. Incorporate interactive elements like infographics or short clips that bring your data to life, making it more digestible and engaging for your audience.

Adding case studies that detail the problem and solution can also be powerful. By focusing on examples and evidence, you create a compelling, relatable story that is built on trust and proven outcomes. Engage your audience by inviting them to share their own experiences with your brand, and turn passive observers into active participants in your brand story. By focusing on genuine examples and evidence, you create a compelling, relatable story that is built on trust and proven outcomes.

Do This: Ensure Consistency Across All Channels

Not That: Sending Mixed Messages

Contradictory messages or varying tones across different mediums can confuse and alienate your audience. Having a cohesive brand story across every platform strengthens your brand identity and builds trust with your audience. Uniformity in storytelling reinforces your message and helps your brand become a familiar and trusted voice. 

A practical way to do this is through tools like Metricool, Later, and Buffer, which allow you to manage and analyze your social media content all in one place. These tools streamline updates across multiple platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, and Facebook and are total time-savers. The analytics provided allow you to have a clear direction around refining your story with what resonates. 

Do This: Evolve with Your Audience

Not That: Sticking to the Script

There is a big chance your audience today is not the same as it was a year ago. Their needs, preferences, and challenges shift with various factors like technological advancements, societal changes, and personal growth. Adaptability demonstrates you’re actively listening and responding. Using tools like social listening platforms, direct surveys, and analytics share real-time insights into your audience’s evolving world. 

For example, you may want to emphasize eco-friendly initiatives if sustainability grows important to your audience. Pay close attention to how your audience responds to these changes. Did a newsletter you share receive double the clicks when mentioning sustainability practices? Does a certain post spark positive conversations? View your brand storytelling as an ongoing, dynamic process rather than a set-and-forget task. Regularly revisit your brand’s mission, vision, and values to see if they match your current narrative and audience expectations.  


By evolving with your audience’s world you can use storytelling that shares your story and the shared values and dreams of your community. Make it resonate, make it authentic, and most importantly, make it yours. Let feedback shape the storyline, so it speaks directly to the heart of your audience.


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